I'm 23. I play some lol and love meeting new people. I doodle and cosplay to feel good.

Fun facts about my life!

One year I asked my parents for information so I could fill out my fafsa. Because they were mad they gave me year old information to give to the goverment and told me to figure it out.

I had to quit college. I was surviving off of my pell grant. They want me to respect them. How am I supposed to respect them when they acted like that. “ooohh boo hoo, kim doesn’t like me so I will give her old documents and tell her to send in estimated lies to the government” nopenopenope. 

Not to mention that when I finally told my mom I didnt love her my stepdad turned around and proved I had no father. He told me to emancipate myself. So the man I looked to as a dad my whole life wont care for me if I don’t love my mom because she’s emotionally poisonous? I guess I was, after all, just a child he had to take care of because he loved my mom. Without her around I’m just somebody elses kid. I idolized him. I hope every holiday for them is sad and pathetic. I hope they look around and realize I’m not there. I hope the fact that they estranged weighs on their chests and suffocates them.

Sometimes I’ll just be craftin…and then I want to punch her face and smash his heart for confirming that I”ll never have a real dad, 

I saw your Crash Bandicoot fursuit WIP in the CB tag and came to blog to see if you had any other fursuits, and saw those spider pics and actually fucking screamed at 3am.

Oh no I’m sorry! I tagged the heck outta it so people with tags blocked “spider,spiders, or arachnophobia” wouldn’t see it. My house has a spider problem and people don’t get the spider problem I’m talking about unless I’m like “see…its huge!”. That is the ONLY spider pic I have EVER posted.

I’m working on crash and will have it done soon. Then I’m making the tiki man. As far as fursuits go…I want to make them for money someday. And if you haven’t you should check out my cosplay tag. May I offer you a free sketch to assuage the spider damage I’ve done? My art is hecka so-so so don’t excpect amazeballs artwork XD

I’m hoping to finish Crash’s head tomorrow. Making a head in just 3 days is pretty good! Literally will be the best I have ever done. Then It’s off to make the Tiki man. 

Oh god my neighbor just came over and offered me 180$ to make a crash head, a candi head, and a tiki man head. 180= 18 hours at 10$ an hour and I can do it! Oh I want to pass out. *rushes off to work on costumes* I want to be commissioned for a living and I just got my first real commission. 

Also to my buddy whos oc I’m STILL gonna draw. It’ll happen this week. This weekend is now all about getting costume supplies. And sweating.