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MoogleFace ~ Cosplayer/Doodler

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Say something, stop reading this and say something! Why are you even here? Quit it! I LIKE IT! <(^.^<)
Apr 15 '14

An update to the armor, buttons, and symbols I made on my banner harness.

Apr 12 '14

I know its mediocre, BUT SO WHAT?!?! I’m trying really hard and its probably better than anything I”ve done so far and I”m pretty proud of myself. 

Apr 10 '14

Just a hair update. It got bigger.

Apr 6 '14

Working on cosplay, yes I’m still around

Apr 6 '14

Hey guys! So I graduate from ESty and nail tech school on Tuesday! Then I have 2 weeks to finish my Freya costume. I promise after that there will be sweet pics. I also promise to draw lol art again. I’ve been busy with cosplay! 

Go ahead and send me an art request! I’ll draw the first five as soon as Sakura-con is over.

Mar 25 '14

AHAHAHAH this freya cosplay is coming right along. I’d dare say the hat nearly looks professional! THE REST SUCKS a LITTLE BIT BUT I AINT GOT TWO MORE MONTHS. gogogoogogo graduate school and finish costume without having a nervoud breakdown

Mar 24 '14


Mar 17 '14


¡Ama a tu support!

Love your support!


Mar 15 '14

Sorry about lack of content. Still close to graduating and finishing a freya costume. I’m about to make her hat out of wonderflex. I’m scared. Everytime i watch kamuicosplay’s tutorial vids i feel like i can MAYBE do anything

Mar 8 '14
I wore my silly Bowser costume to hair school today. Back&#8230;koopa king aint got shit for vision.

I wore my silly Bowser costume to hair school today. Back…koopa king aint got shit for vision.