I'm 23. I play some lol and love meeting new people. I doodle and cosplay to feel good.

holy crap im gonna fix my last bit of art i posted. I was moping cause my sketch looked WAY better and boom..i just realized how to fix all

Hey hey guys ^^ I know I’m backed up on some art but I actually promise I’ll do it Thursday! I’ve just been in the hospital with my friend who lost her foot. And I’m sorry about the tmi and tldr but you DO NOT know how emotionally exhausting it is to hear somebody sobbing and shaking from pain when there is nothing you can do. I feel so fucked up because of it. I’ve always been empathetic and sympathetic and sometimes I fucking hate it. I just sit there really trying to imagine what everything is like for her. But I stopped that on the second day. I just…emotions? life?

I want to cry because somebody I know just lost their foot and I’m gonna be with them the whole way, but you cant go back. For anybody that knows me irl, no I don’t want to say who it is, its their business to announce. You wouldn’t know them anyways. 

I haven’t painted in 3 years but I’m about to paint that finnish hippo for her and fuck I want it to be good. The amputation is still open because they want her to make more blood and just..fuck. It’s all so awful. Motorbike accident just ground her foot right off. I just.fuck. fuck fuck fuck. Spent 7 hours at the hospital last night and got home at 2am.