I'm 23. I play some lol and love meeting new people. I doodle and cosplay to feel good.

Oh man. Made progress on crash. Mebbe I post it tomorrow. I am so sleepy. I just stayed up until 2am skyping with a stranger I met on lol. WE KICK SOME SERIOUS BUNS AS DUO. I don’t think he was lying about playing normal’s with plats. Why else would he be so darn good silver »”

Also…I’m gonna remember to be more appreciative of my life. I rescued a caterpillar two days ago, why didn’t I help any bugs today?!?! I’m not in Liberia nor Honk Kong nor South Korea….I need to do more nice things. I really want to volunteer this Thanksgiving to feed the homeless. I pull worms outta puddles. I’ve even guided blind people across busy stores *it makes me sad to see people walking around a blind person whos fucking stuck and is clearly baffled* <—politely introduce and check if they need help. Jeez 

I was doubted on facebook about it. I post pictures for encouragement because I’m part proud and terrified. I have literally shredded and cut up wip costumes because they made me anxious. Now it’s for money and somebody on fb said it doesn’t look like crash. Even though I know it will I feel queeeezy and im gonna be freaking out until its alot better. Thank you fb friend. I’m glad you came through and made me tense as i could ever get. 

I runt to run as fast as a snk titan and smash my body into a wall of spikes 
Just so I can sleep through the night

AHAHHAHAH I just chopped the jaw up, remade it, fixed the cheek bones. Tomorrow is the last look over before fabric. IT’ll look good, no doubting me.

List of completed costumes that looked good: Vivi, Freya, Bowser, Blooper, Gallade, Garchomp, Gengar, Slowbro, Yojimbo, Ifrit. 

I’m pretty sure I can make a crash bandicoot head